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WHo makes this show anyway?


Rabbit Ears was created and made by Blaise Kolodychuk, with help from a few of his friends. Blaise has been making movies for over 30 years, and has been a father for over 25. Most of his time is spent working at an elementary school doing all sorts of exciting things, and also teaching art classes at Arty Pants.

He is responsible for the children's show Space Station Zero, and is the artist and author of the popular comic series The Nandi Bear Tenants. He is also a prolific musician with over 50 albums released to date.

Along with Blaise, Rabbit Ears could not be possible without the help of his friends:

Elaine Boyling, one of Blaise's oldest friends, is a teacher, writer, artist, musician and researcher and plays the role of Magic, and is a huge creative force helping out in every way possible.

Beth Murray, a former student of Blaise's and now an important part of SC Entertainment, 

and an artist. She plays the role of our hero and main character Beth the Bunny.

Kelton Kolodychuk, who is also a puppeteer,  among many other helpful jobs. He is Blaise's son in real life.

Frankie Vanrooyen, a real life medical doctor and musician, is another puppeteer who plays Truffles and other roles in the show!

Vahini Govender works as a counsellor and an art therapist. She does the outdoor magical kind of relaxation segments with Bernard.

Terence Ramsay is our top notch Camera Operator!

I would also like to thank all the other kids and adults who have helped make all the wonderful segments on the show.. lending voices and faces to make everything work. I couldn't have done it without you!

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